Often, customers ask which ballet bar to choose for their home, fixed to the wall or portable. As usual, there is no clear answer, it all depends on the amount of space in the room where the bar will be located. If you have a free wall in the room where you practice, a wall mounted bar is a good choice. And here, a definite favorite among our customers is the 150 cm ballet bar set and two WPZ brackets (WPO), this set does not stick out too much from the wall, thus it does not take up too much space and looks very good. It can also be configured in any color version.

For people who have their own gym, the same set is a very good choice. This bar is also available in a version with height adjustment. This option is especially useful for children. The ballet bar can be lifted not only when the child grows up and needs to be higher, but you can also change the height during the exercises by performing various exercises. The mounting rails also allow for a very quick disassembly of the entire bar, if necessary.

What if we do not have a free wall in the room or home gym? This is when free-standing bars come to our aid. Such a bar can be placed anywhere only for the duration of exercise, and after that it can be put away in a safe place or even dismantled and hidden. The assembly is so quick and simple that it should not be a problem to take the bar apart after the workout.

The second issue is the financial matter. The wall bar is cheaper than the portable one, which is much more complicated and time-consuming to assemble and dismantle.