The ballet bar is a wooden bar with a diameter of 40 to 50 mm with either wall or floor-mounted brackets. They can also be free-standing or in other words portable bars. Such a ballet bar serves as a help for dancers or learners in performing exercises, maintaining proper body posture and can also replace the partner's hand. At the bar, you can warm up and stretch both the legs and the back.
Standard pull-up exercises are:

Adagio - raising the leg
Battement fondu - stretching the leg
Battements frappe - hitting with the leg
Battements tendu jete - leg swing (45 degrees)
Battement tendu - extending and advancing the leg
Demi plie et grand plie - a half squat and a squat
Grand battement - large leg swing
Petit battement - sideways movement of the leg
Rond de jambe par terre - circular movement with the leg

Practicing ballet has a very positive effect on our figure, it slims and elongates the muscles, forces an upright and elegant silhouette, which is becoming more and more difficult, especially among children and adolescents who overuse smartphones and tablets, adds grace and lightness in every movement. Despite its name, the ballet bar does not necessarily have to be used only for ballet, it is used during dance, pilates and fitness exercises as well as in the theater.